Friday, January 21, 2011

104 - Site Visit to Suburban Villages : Kg.Melayu Kangkar Pulai – Kg.Ulu Pulai Gelang Patah – Kg.Melayu Lima Kedai

Ketibaan - Wajah-wajah ceria Mahasiswa.......

..........dan Pensyarah.

Kg Melayu Kangkar Pulai
unit rumah : 140

Kg Melayu Kangkar Pulai

Kg Melayu Kangkar Pulai

Kg Ulu Pulai
unit rumah : 216

Kg Ulu Pulai

Kg Ulu Pulai

Kg Melayu Lima Kedai
unit rumah : 178

Kg Melayu Lima Kedai

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

103 - Site Visit 21st January 2011 to Suburban Villages : Kg. Melayu Kangkar Pulai – Kg. Ulu Pulai, Gelang Patah – Kg Melayu Lima Kedai

Bring along the checklist/inventory form for each sector of study.

All group will be given about one hour for site observation.

Take as much photos related to issues and research questions.

Safety first....

........Please Study the location of the Kampung before site visit.....a location map in relation to the surrounding area.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

100 - MOTIVATION SESSION 2011-1 : Improving the Usage of English In Our Life

Foto : ehsan dari Mynn Bachok

By Nurul Azianawani Binti Che Drahman
Salam and good morning to all supervisors and friends. Today I would like to motivate not only for you all but for me as well. My topic is related on using English in our life. In my opinion, speaking in English is not difficult. Actually, our mind had to control our mouth to speak in English. Nowadays, I defined that our community ashamed to speak in English. One reason is they do not have any confident to speak either with their friend or anyone else.
In my experience, actually I have a low grade in English when I was in primary school. But I remember when I was form 2, I train myself to speak in English. I started with heard English song and try to understand what the meaning of the song. Second, I read a story book. It started from the child book such as fairy tale, Cinderella and others. Then I am going to read Reader Digest when I was form 6. I also practice my English with my friend. We guide each other until now.
For those who are same class with me in advanced English, Mr. Amir had told us that everyone can speak English right? He is right. Even my English teacher’s when I was form 4 and 5 have told me that all her student can speak in English. From that, I built my confidence to speak in English.
You all need to love speak in English right now because It will help you in the future. It is because when you want to apply any job especially in our course, the manager will take someone that can speak in English when interview. Not only that, but for our task or project also need us to write in English.
If you want your English better than before, let yourself practice on speak in English. Ignore the right grammar or vocabulary first. If you keep it try, I am sure that your grammar will automatically improve by own. That all my motivation for today. I hope all of you will try to speak in English not only in education but in other situation. Thank you.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Pandangan dari kaca mata seorang pengamal perancangan bandar di Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan yang berdepan dengan pelbagai karenah pelanggan dalam memartabatkan hal ehwal Perancangan Bandar – Semoga dapat membantu pelajar menghayati isu-isu perancangan dan memahami realiti tugas seorang Perancang Bandar.

(See related post : 085 - Data Survey on Urban Sprawl Impact in Malaysian Cities)

Assalamualaikum Dr,

Today as I casually browsed through your blog, this forum caught my attention (actually I was looking for your article on motivasi diri). So, saya mohon izin untuk memberi pandangan di sini dari kaca mata seorang pengamal perancangan bandar di Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan yang saban hari berdepan dengan pelbagai karenah pelanggan dalam memartabatkan hal ehwal perancangan bandar. No doubt we have so many plans and guidelines and planning standards to abide by, which if followed, will ideally contribute to the formation of dream cities, cities that we definitely choose to live in - beautiful homes amidst lush greenery with shaded avenues segregated from the motor vehicle highways and biways, where we can dwell healthily and safely, all within walking distances to the sufficiently provided for neighbourhood centres, and very accessible to our workplaces via efficient and reliable public transportation. That is quite in line with Ebenezer Howard's aspirations decades ago. Yes, we are taught to practise and impose these planning ideals through impartial use of many planning tools so thoughtfully prepared, thanks to planning experts. But in this real life, real chaotic world, things are not as easy... Although we always look at urban sprawl in the negative lights, we at the Local Authorities find that urban sprawl is inevitable, otherwise our towns and cities become very stagnant. An increasing population demands for an equally increasing housing, work place, and facilities. Logical isn't it? To me, it is not the urban sprawl that impose the threats to the well-beings of the community, it is the extent to which we are capable of enforcing control on the development within the sprawl. In that matter, are we capable of handling the situation? It is very normal that we at the local authorities are accused by the Government for not practising "proper" planning... but ironically, many a times the local authorities are also condemned for this so-called "proper planning" for various appalling reasons, many being these plannings don't concur with the aspirations of certain quarters and because of political interventions. Greenfields in the agricultural zones are turned into extensive and intensive mixed developments because "the ministers want their constituencies to have a new township" during their office. And because of this "heroic" acts we at the local authorities finally succumb to their yearning for support during the PRU, whilst deep in our hearts we know that these are wrong planning-wise. So, should anyone of you ladies and gentlemen of the future planners somehow become political leaders, please heed our cries... Let us do our jobs as implementors and you do your parts as the decision makers... Secara peribadi, saya tidaklah melihat penularan bandar sebagai suatu fenomena yang buruk. Ia perlu untuk menampung keperluan penduduk bandar yang semakin bertambah dan untuk menyelesaikan beberapa isu perbandaran yang meruncing seperti pemindahan kelas guna tanah industri ke kawasan pinggir bandar atau pembinaan jalan lingkaran bandar untuk mengelakkan kesesakan lalu lintas dalam bandar. Pembukaan jalan-jalan lingkaran atau jalan pintas ini pula kelak akan mendorong pembukaan kawasan-kawasan baru yang mengambil peluang dari kesediaan aksessibiliti ke kawasan pinggirannya. It's a viscious cycle. Walau bagaimanapun, there must be an equal concern on the preservation and conservation of environmentally sensitive areas (KSAS). But i think if an urban sprawl comes together with higher technologies of "green living" (e.g. carbon free zones etc.), then why not?

Majlis Perbandaran Muar
January 7, 2011 1:21 AM

dranuarjb said...
Normah..I'm very happy to have you in this forum. Terima kasih kerana memberikan pandangan yang amat bernas especially to young planners and the academicians. Kita telah banyak merancang..isu-isu perlaksanaan menjadi semakin penting untuk ditangani..For further discussion, I hope you dont mind if I put your comment to my post so the student can benefited more on this issue. Terima kasih kerana sudi berkongsi idea.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Semua pelajar studio SBP2465 dimestikan menyediakan satu kulit folio output 1-2 yang menarik dan kreatif berserta butir-butir yang dirasakan perlu. Contoh yang berkenan di mata pensyarah seperti dibawah.... Ini juga akan dinilai.

Monday, January 3, 2011

096 - Examples of Student RQs on Suburban Planning Issues

This studio will train fundamental planning tools and techniques for the preparation of development plan of a small built-up area. It involves among others the preparation of base maps, field surveys, data processing problem identification and analysis, and proposal for the development of the area. Students are required to conduct various types of surveys for the planning of small areas such as socio-economic surveys, physical surveys, traffic and transportation study. Data from the surveys will then be analyzed to identify current issues, problems and potential of the study area. The final part will involve students to prepare proposal for the development of the area in relations to the findings and government policy frameworks.

Studies on:
• Location & Regional Linkages.
• Population & Social-Economic.
• Land Use & Transportation.
• Housing & Building.
• Community Facilities & Utilities.
• Environmental & Natural Character.
• Community Organisation, Social & Focus Group.

Output 1 : Planning Issues.
Output 2 : Research Questions.

Output 3 : Preliminary Report

Output 4 : Sectorial Technical Report

Output 5 : Concept Plans & Planning Brief Report

Output 6 : Team Working Assessment/Rubric

Sunday, January 2, 2011

095 - Planning For Development of Suburban Village

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