Tuesday, January 11, 2011

100 - MOTIVATION SESSION 2011-1 : Improving the Usage of English In Our Life

Foto : ehsan dari Mynn Bachok

By Nurul Azianawani Binti Che Drahman
Salam and good morning to all supervisors and friends. Today I would like to motivate not only for you all but for me as well. My topic is related on using English in our life. In my opinion, speaking in English is not difficult. Actually, our mind had to control our mouth to speak in English. Nowadays, I defined that our community ashamed to speak in English. One reason is they do not have any confident to speak either with their friend or anyone else.
In my experience, actually I have a low grade in English when I was in primary school. But I remember when I was form 2, I train myself to speak in English. I started with heard English song and try to understand what the meaning of the song. Second, I read a story book. It started from the child book such as fairy tale, Cinderella and others. Then I am going to read Reader Digest when I was form 6. I also practice my English with my friend. We guide each other until now.
For those who are same class with me in advanced English, Mr. Amir had told us that everyone can speak English right? He is right. Even my English teacher’s when I was form 4 and 5 have told me that all her student can speak in English. From that, I built my confidence to speak in English.
You all need to love speak in English right now because It will help you in the future. It is because when you want to apply any job especially in our course, the manager will take someone that can speak in English when interview. Not only that, but for our task or project also need us to write in English.
If you want your English better than before, let yourself practice on speak in English. Ignore the right grammar or vocabulary first. If you keep it try, I am sure that your grammar will automatically improve by own. That all my motivation for today. I hope all of you will try to speak in English not only in education but in other situation. Thank you.


  1. need to practice, confidence and love the language! :)

    **wahh gambar dinosaur kitorang masuk blog :D

  2. Terimakasih abang-abang dan kakak-kakak SBW...foto menunjukkan aksi setiap orang yang perfect..unique..foto yang hebat.

  3. pembelajaran bahasa english mungkin sukar utk kita..
    tetapi, jika kita ada usaha, doa dan tawakal, insyaallah kita dpt mguasai ilmu dan bahasa english.

  4. built-up the quality inside us~!!

  5. salah satu keberanian dapat saya belajar dari Tuah adalah berani untuk berinteraksi dengan student IS...so, kita akan bertambah confident untuk "speaking" nanti...jadi jangan malu-malu untuk berinteraksi dengan student IS sebab itu boleh meningkatkan confident kita sebagai pelajar planner...

  6. yup... english x sesusah yg d sangka.. dr kecik ayah sy kate kite kne gbr dlm kpala kite boleh...then sure kite boleh buat...

  7. english need confidence..little cnfdence might help a lot

  8. Terimakasih..seronoklah dengan komen-komen..semangat. Tq dr.

  9. if u think u can,for sure that ourself can....