Monday, January 3, 2011

096 - Examples of Student RQs on Suburban Planning Issues

This studio will train fundamental planning tools and techniques for the preparation of development plan of a small built-up area. It involves among others the preparation of base maps, field surveys, data processing problem identification and analysis, and proposal for the development of the area. Students are required to conduct various types of surveys for the planning of small areas such as socio-economic surveys, physical surveys, traffic and transportation study. Data from the surveys will then be analyzed to identify current issues, problems and potential of the study area. The final part will involve students to prepare proposal for the development of the area in relations to the findings and government policy frameworks.

Studies on:
• Location & Regional Linkages.
• Population & Social-Economic.
• Land Use & Transportation.
• Housing & Building.
• Community Facilities & Utilities.
• Environmental & Natural Character.
• Community Organisation, Social & Focus Group.

Output 1 : Planning Issues.
Output 2 : Research Questions.

Output 3 : Preliminary Report

Output 4 : Sectorial Technical Report

Output 5 : Concept Plans & Planning Brief Report

Output 6 : Team Working Assessment/Rubric


  1. Example yang dr berikan amat membantu kami menyiapkan output 1&2...Satu kaedah yang amat berkesan..tkasih.

  2. salam..example y d beri membantu kami 2 sbw dlm mmbuat prjek 4 week 1 n 2..

  3. Bagus nYza dan yang memberi komen...tunjuk teladan yang baik pada rakan lain dalam studio. Buat yang terbaik pada presentation nanti. Memahami dan Menghayati isu penting. Semoga berjaya.

  4. example that u post gives us some ideas and it is good..thank you dr for helping us.. and i wanna ask dr, is it pollution can be one of the planning issues in suburban village???

  5. Pollution memang isu umum..cuba related to suburban village, jadi research Q akan lebih fokus dan jelas dari segi keperluan datanya. Be specific...Kalau tak releven tak jadi planning isu.

  6. Pollution is one of important planning issues in general. For our study it should focus on the suburban village scenario..the details,factors related and most important is how relevent/significant to the current development scene.