Monday, March 1, 2010

028 - Writing a Compelling Vision Statement in Suburban Neighbourhood Planning

A vision statement is a vivid idealized description of a desired outcome that inspires, energizes and helps you create a mental picture of your target. It could be a vision of a part of your life, or the outcome of a project, plan or goal.
For projects, plans and goals, the vision statement should focus on the desired outcome of the project/goal at its completion date. Here are some guidelines for writing compelling and powerful vision statements:

- Summarize Your Vision in a Powerful Phrase.

- Take as Much Space as You Need.

- Your Vision Statement Should Describe the Best Possible Outcome.

- Make your Vision Statement Emotional.

- Add Sensory Details to Your Vision Statement.

Some examples:

“ Creation of a well-designed, family focused and inviting pedestrian-oriented destination served by multi-modal transit, and providing healthy, varied community- and visitor-serving uses for the families and residents ”.

" To build a true “suburban village,” a self-sustainable community “where people can live, work, shop and entertain within the area in order to achieve smart-growth vision for strengthening the community “.“

“ To create the dynamic mix of commercial, employment, residential and open space uses thats will result in quality developments in promoting higher densities, support transit, reduce automobile trips, and preserve the natural environment “.

"To create market-oriented land development towards collaborative, replicable models and processes that balance economic viability, environmental health, social equity and cultural vitality”.

“ To develop as an inspirational neighbourhood benefiting both people and the environment, now and in the future by integrate beautifully designed natural, public, private and commercial spaces into a pedestrian friendly, mixed use community for young families, active adults and seniors”.

“ Makes sustainable living easy, attractive and affordable, creates a high quality of life while enabling residents to live within the ecological limits, striking a balance between economic prosperity, social responsibility and environmental”.

“ To create community connections, diversity, vitality and convenience within the area with sufficient and varied housing supply, access to public transportation and reduced vehicular traffic“.

“ To create a place to live and work where there is less dependence on automobile transportation and to create connections between people, places and the environment where people are connected to the land and to each other ; where the environment truly is sustainable with community gardens, recycling, composting, gray water systems, and solar siting all are encouraged and flourish “.

....thinks more and you visualize better.


  1. tq dr....boleh jadikan sebagai panduan...

  2. Bagus anda prihatin. Buat statement yang jelas dan practical. 10% dinilai......

  3. Vision penting untuk planner...merupakan target 'ideal state' yang diinginkan di akhir perancangan. Menunjukkan peta mental cadangan yang bakal dibuat.

  4. kadang-kadang apa yang dirancanag diatas kertas cantik dan mengambil kira pelbagai aspek tetapi apabila di buat ia mejadi lain apa yang telah dirancang,kita sebagai bakal perancang bandar perlu memastikan apa yang kita rancang di buat dengan sepenuhnya dan jangan biarkan perancangan kita dipengaruhi oleh sesuatu yang menyebabkan perlaksanaan terpesong dari perancanagan yang sepatunya...