Monday, February 14, 2011

108 - Motivation Speech : TIME

Good morning to everyone.

I think most of here are wearing a watch. Watch is not only wears on wrist, but it is for us to look at the time. Why do we want to concern about the time? Is it time very important to us?
As for me, getting into university life, lets me know how important the time for me. My life is not only studying or going to the lecture hall, but is also lets me enjoy my life by joining activities, clubs, and others. Who has not wished that there were more hours in days? I am sure all of you here may think about this.

It is because sometimes we seems like we spend so much time rushing from place to place or task to task. As an example, we have our studio projects, our assignments, readings, preparing presentation and many others work. That is why we must learn how to take control of your time to have a manageable life.

There are some steps to have a good management of time. The first step is planning. We may list out all the tasks that we want to do. As an example, what are the assignments that we have? The second step is goal setting. After have the list of task, we need to set in our mind on which task we want to settle first.

The next step is scheduling. According to the dateline given, you may put your tasks into your schedule whether is daily or weekly. Then you may know when to do and what to do. After scheduling, that is not enough. We may know that in our daily life may occur emergency. As an example, we may have an emergency meeting or events that we need to attend. That is why, now the last step, managing. How we want to manage the time when such cases happen? At this stage, we need to identify or differentiate which task is the most important or urgent.

Remember, do not rush from task to task throughout the day. Review the daily schedule of what you have to do that day at the day’s start and then pick out the things that you must do that day. Then focus on getting those things done in perfect.

Is it mean that after a good management of time, you will have more time in a day? No, you will not magically get more hours after you put these time management into action. But you will be able to manage the time that you have more effectively. That is you not only spending your time in study, in studio work, but also for other activities in order to have a balancing life.

Lastly, I hope that with the steps that I give, it will help you to get more value out of your time with the aims of improving the quality of life. Remember, time is not controlling us, but is you, is me and all of us controlling our own time. That is all of my speech today. Thank you for your listening and have a nice day.

Prepared By: TAN LAY YEN 2SBW/2011

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