Monday, February 28, 2011


Prepared by : Sharlini Speri

Assalammualaikum and a very good morning to all supervisors and fellow friends. Today I would like to share about something that I think it can give a benefit to us. First of all I would like everyone here to think back what is actually had happen in your life before. Of course there are various memories that come to your mind right know either sweet or bad memory and this condition shows that everyone is not perfect.. So I would like to say here, in my opinion we cannot really run from the memory. Because it is just like a picture that shows our own identity. Bad or sweet it is we cannot change because it is already happen. What I would like to say here don’t waste the memories or experience…. We must use it as the spirit and lesson. So in order to go for the future we must do the best for the current condition which is know. It is because what will happen after this will be the memories that like I said before will be either for spirit or lesson. And of course all of you want the best among the best right. Why do I say so? Because here, all of you are people that will change the future. Our Malaysia….We need to do the best for it. Yes…… of course there are no people can do the perfect thing but in this condition, as a student of town planning we can built a spirit in our self to be the best right…..what i would like to talk about here is APPRECIATE THE MOMENTS.
I choose this topic to share today because I think as a student we are really need to understand how precious is the moment. Here it is include many things which involve the life, relationship and many more. In a simple world everything that are related to the moment is the process. It is all depends on how we manage it and how far it can work. The aim which refer to the future is not the important thing..Use the moment as the best way. Appreciate the process which will be end. Here I was pick one of the quotes by Abraham L. Feinberg:
“Try to want what you have, instead of spending your strength trying to get what you want."
Abraham L. Feinberg
This quotes is explains about how precious the thing that we already have. And it is need to be appreciated because it is the spirit to get what we wanted to have next. This precious thing that we have is refer to the moment. We are always have a moment right. So appreciate it. As an example in our own life. Every moment in our life is consider as the process for the future. The end is everyone will be in the same fate which is die…So don’t waste the moment use it as much as possible to feel the experience. It doesn’t matter either it is good or bad. Don’t care about the future. What will happen?What will we become? is not promise anything…it is not really happen exactly like we want. Only the process will give the lesson and spirit to us. It is also consider as the way for us to walk in our life.
Hence now I would like to conclude that future will never promise anything to us. Just forget about it.
Then the experience will be never happen again. Forget it but don’t waste it. Use it as the spirit and lesson.
Lastly moment is what happen to us right know. Don’t waste it and appreciate it as the most precious thing that happen in our life. No one can change us. It is all depends on our self.
Whatever the moment, you're in it.
Appreciating the moment begins with appreciating yourself.
And appreciating yourself begins with your own breathing.
We do know how to appreciate the moment,but we're less skilled at choosing to do so

Prepared by : Sharlini Speri


  1. AGREEEEEEEEEE!!! no one can change us except ourselves (^_^)

  2. appreciate is the most important thing in order to decide the best for our future appreciate everything that we already have even the bad 1......insyaALLAH...we will get more better life for the next welcoming future lifestyle

  3. sekali masa berlalu..itulah masa untuk kita, tiada undur...hargainya sebaik mungkin...